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Take your garage floor to new heights with Versodeck. No other garage tiles can do what Versodeck does.

Use the individual tiles to create something truly unique. When you fancy a change, create something new.


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Corners - Mars Red
Corners - Mars Red
Edge Strips - Mars RedEdge Strips - Mars Red
Corners - Sail White
Edge Strips - Sail White
Corners - Ocean Blue
Edge Strips - Ocean Blue
Corners - Charcoal Black
Edge Strips - Charcoal Black
Corners - Dark Grey
Edge Strips - Dark Grey
Corners - Mid Grey
Corners - Mid Grey
Edge Strips - Mid Grey
Corners - Light Grey
Edge Strips - Light Grey
Corners - Midnight BlueCorners - Midnight Blue
Edge Strips - Midnight BlueEdge Strips - Midnight Blue
Corners - Light BlueCorners - Light Blue
Edge Strips - Light BlueEdge Strips - Light Blue
Corners - Bright GreenCorners - Bright Green
Edge Strips - Bright GreenEdge Strips - Bright Green
Edge Strips - Light GreenEdge Strips - Light Green
Corners - Light GreenCorners - Light Green
Corners - Pumpkin Orange
Edge Strips - Pumpkin OrangeEdge Strips - Pumpkin Orange

Need inspiration?

Here are a few designs Versodeck customers have created to help spark your flooring imagination.