Commercial Flooring in a few simple steps

Commercial Flooring in a few simple steps

In any business, things need to run like clockwork to get the best results. Believe it or not, flooring plays a major role in this.

Even if a visitor isn't thinking about your floor, it still has a subconscious effect...

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With all this in mind, the ease with which you can brand; your flooring with the Versodeck Modular Flooring system makes it an obvious choice to get that wow-factor in your reception, workshop or shop floor.

Versodeck is not, however, just about looking good; there are many practical advantages to the system- see below to understand what we mean:

  • Quick and easy to install, simply clicks together (no tools or fixings required).
  • Open surface, allowing drainage ideal for wet areas and general outdoor use.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Easy to hose down and jet wash.
  • Bright lighting effects when used in combination with our underfloor LED lighting kit.
  • Protects and insulates your floor surface.
  • Underfloor cable routing (up to 8mm diameter max).
  • Easy to move and update- portable too so you can take it with you when you move to bigger premises.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Material: Recyclable Polytrobe.
  • Anti-slip surface (Tested to BS 7976-2): Slip Risk Classification: Low (Dry 107 PVT, Wet 54 PVT).
  • Fire Resistance (Tested to EN ISO 9239-1:1210): Class Efl-s2.
  • 25,000 Kg load capacity.
  • UV protected.


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